Posted by: mrrx | May 30, 2006

Gold and Ulissarius

Tezcatlipocca : 45% XP.      Finished off three of the gravestone quests in Everfrost by finding seeds in rare plants; weapons inside of Arctic Behemoths; and by crawling the ocean floor once again and getting my last gems.      Progressed a few more things and then decided it was time to move to someplace I could reach 50 without a group.

Called to Qeynos and did banking and selling.      Played the arbitrage game (ie, buy items priced below vendor price and then vendor them) and made an astounding amount of gold.     Set up selling and got rid of a bunch of stuff – it's strange, but gear and adept I's never sell.      The way to make money is through tradeskill items and collections.

Then guildies needed help on Captain Ulissarius for Stiletto, and so I went along to the Cove of Decay.     We took down the Octogorgon no problem; but somebody goofed and didn't mentor the lower players so they didn't get credit.       I hope it was just a mistake, because we realized it quickly and everybody took off to break the encounter; except our 50ish fighter who killed the thing anyway.      Mmmm.

With five of us along, two 50ish and three 30ish, we couldn't hope to mentor to take down Ulissarius but with the right approach we figured we were tough enough to take him down and knock him flat.

Except, of course, what happens ?     You guessed it, we spawned him the second we cleared the camp around the fire, while we were unprepared and low on power.     Total wipe.      We fought him for a long time, and tried to squeak it out, but he was down in the orange when he took out our tank and it was all over after that.      Maybe tomorrow we'll do it again.

I headed off to Sinking Sands again, figuring that being level 49 I could probably solo the area without big problems.      Picked up a bunch of quests and started getting familiar with the harvests, before I logged off for the night.        

One noteworthy quest, of course, is the carpet quest which I got started on.        Hopefully tonight I can chase that orc highwayman down and get ready for the real hard parts – I understand most of it requires a group and can get a little hairy.


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