Posted by: mrrx | May 28, 2006

Everfrost, Evershark

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 49, 20% XP.   Started serious adventuring in Everfrost, and I'm glad I did.     Got into a very good group and the XP was flowing and the quest updates kept hitting.      Completed two writs before the group finally broke up.

Everfrost is a nice zone, with good reasons to have mountain ranges and impassable areas.     It's fun to run through a tunnel in order to get to an outdoor area and continue adventuring.     Snow effects are great, lots of stuff to harvest, and I get a sense of Everquest 1 out of it too which can't be anything but nostalgic and good. 

Had a bit of trouble while soloing two quests – Daelic's bones, and Gem of the Rose.    These require you to swim (or in my case run across the ocean floor) around the bay in Everfrost and harvest items.     But I kept running into the damned sharks.     Constantly.   Finally I got the hang of it and finished off Daelic, but quit before getting my last gems. 

Continued solo and took out several  more quests, including all the shards for Eye of Power, before I decided to go after the Druzaic shrine in Everfrost.      I believe this one is the hardest one……. I sure hope so at least.

After fully exploring Everfrost and enjoying getting my level on a discovery XP, I finally found the island the shrine spawns underneath.    But I could not reach it due to aggro mobs.      Got help from a 59 paladin and after some fits and starts, we reached the shrine.

And then began the most epic battle I have ever been part of.     No less than 8 of the frigid torrents were whacking on us, two full groups of heroics, and several deaths with rezzes.    It was close; we almost made it.    The fight lasted for more than half an hour; I know because of using my timed wards.      There were just two of the things left when finally we both succumbed.    Just before we died, I ran off and touched the shrine for the update so at least that would be finished.

Returned to go after the water elementals, needed for the Deep Ice quest, and after taking them down I decided that was more than enough debt for one night and logged off. 


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