Posted by: mrrx | May 25, 2006

HQ work

Tezcatlipocca :  15% XP.   Got with a group in Lavastorm and worked on the Saving Soles quest.     Didn't need to – the 50 drakes needed were actually those fire lizard type creatures right on the beach, easy kills and very green, but it made the whole thing go much quicker.      Stayed grouped and attempted to reach my final banner but we couldn't get that deep.

 After the group broke up, I saw a call go out to work on the Reaching Blade HQ and managed to progress it to the point in Rivervale.      I think we need to kill a bunch of lamias inside of the lodge, but I wasn't sure.

You see, I had just come back from Las Vegas, and I was really exhausted.     I went along with what the group was doing, and after we got killed once and evacced twice it was clear that we needed to call it a night.


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