Posted by: mrrx | May 20, 2006


Tezcatlipocca : Ding 47, 50% XP. Got into an immediate group in Lavastorm and we knocked things around in the area.

All three of us were working the Lost Legend of Lavastorm HQ, and so commenced whacking goblins to get our 20 tablet pieces and progress the quest. This happened sooner or later for each of us.  With three, we were also able to reach Charly Ashlash who gives out another HQ for the Golden Efreeti boots, and we picked that one up and took out centipedes for the update.

 The next step is to collect flags. I got all but three of the ones I needed.     They actually show up as items in your inventory so I'm anxious to get rid of them; I mean, 8 or 10 slots of items !    Yikes !     After the group broke up, I managed to get two of the remaining, and the last one I am not sure where to find it.

 Logged out on the docks.

Final business trip this year.     Next update perhaps on Monday, May 26th. 


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