Posted by: mrrx | May 19, 2006

Goblins & Sales

Tlaloc : Ding 42 provisioner, 20% XP. Made lots of green tea.

It's actually harder to describe the crafting process now. If you "made a stack of green tea", did you work with 50 leaves (1 stack) to turn it into 50 teas (2 1/2 stacks) ? Or did he make 2 1/2 stacks ? Whichever it is, that's what he did.

Tezcatlipocca : 75% XP. Logged in to find that I sold nearly all the tempers and resins I had made, which was a real happy thing to see. It's possible that the tradeskill revamp is going live this weekend, so I want those things GONE. I also sold every last Feerrott item I gathered which was expected. Restocked my vault, and everything is now for sale including junk like elephant meat at 1c. After banking I find myself the owner of 23 plat, which makes me smile. I wonder if I'll ever bank enough to convince myself to sell it; my guess is no but you can hope.

Talk about arbitrage. Last night I noticed tuber strands for sale for less than the 20s I get for them nightly. Several price points, including a big stack for 2s. I gobbled up the 2s ones and left the rest; now I wish I had gone ahead and grabbed them all. They sold last night too, which is a handsome profit.

Helped a friend take down a quest mob in Varsoon, then headed off to Lavastorm to start the HQ there. First step is to take down 20 goblins for an irregular auto-update. The goblins were fun to solo and an add was not instant death.

Made it through the first tunnel from zone-in, and stood in a big open area with a mix of solo and heroic groups. There's even a small harvesting possibility here which I took advantage of; hopefully I can get my next two levels and retry some of these outstanding quests. And start on the carpet.

But between all that time for crafting, banking, and dealing with two issues in guild, it got late and I logged off.


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