Posted by: mrrx | May 18, 2006

Tradeskill Grind – Day 2

Tezcatlipocca : 50% alchy xp. Ground out a ton of tempers which took me halfway to level, then decided I was tired of grinding and more interested in leveling and/or gathering.

Put a lot of items up for sale instead of working them via tradeskill, made a fortunate purchase of tuber strands which I expect to sell for a handsome profit, mailed Huehueteotl a plat (21 plat banked), and then decided to talk to that lady labeled "Kerran Mentor".

She gives you a series of simple quests that take you around Nettleville and ultimately send you into the Peat Bog, where I had already finished the rest of the quests. So picked up another 4 or so quests, then headed off to Thundering Steppes.

Found one more weald wolf – 2 to go before the page is finished. It's simply amazing how hard these things are to find, that getting one is such a major event that it gets an entry in the blog. I hope the devs can change that someday. Logged out in front of the TS docks.


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