Posted by: mrrx | May 16, 2006

Milestones !

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 41 alchemist. Tez managed to finish up both of the quests I was worried about with Vash, and lacking any more easy quests to work I decided it was time for a trip back to town.

Stopped along the way and finished some more quests, and passed the magic 700 quests completed marker. Awesome ! Have 705 quests and am in position # 166 on the server. Got one more weald wolf, so squeaked that book forward, and finished another book after finding Roaming Dead who would insta-repop after breaking the encounter; for the curious that is at the Graveyard in the Thundering Steppes.

Banked and sorted the loot, then bought and sold a whole bunch of stuff for a several gold profit. Headed into the tradeskill pit and got started; didn't take many Turnip Washes until I had the level, then decided to log and check out my alts.

21 plat in the bank, although I may have to pass one of those over to Huehueteotl. Still I have a respectable stash for a level 46 character.

Tlaloc : 70% provisioner XP. Tlaloc had a bunch of misc foodstuffs in his bank which I decided to make food & drink out of. If his boxes are finally full, well, time to actually sell foods. Of all the things, my Provisioner has never really filled up his bags so I've never sold any food. And this is supposed to be my way to make money – NOT !

Made some grilled shark fin before it got late and I logged off.



  1. I never understood how provisioners were supposed to be the big money makers, it’s a general assumption here on my server as well, and I suppose it’s my fault really since I never actually SELL any of the stuff I make- but I have friends and myself and alts to feed. Even after that, it takes so much time.. I just don’t see myself wanting to sell any of my hard made food, hehe. Grats on the exp though, I still read this daily. 🙂

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