Posted by: mrrx | May 15, 2006

Quests and Harvesting – Entry Four

Tezcatlipocca : 65% XP.

Same thing, different day. Gathered and worked quests.

Now, I ran into a potential quest problem. The Path of War quest ends when you talk to Gretchen Spiritstorm in the camps, and she next asks you to talk to Vashadzar to continue the quest line (Hand of War, Eye of Fear). The only problem was, I had a quest outstanding with him and was unable to finish it, because his dialog only comes up talking about Gretchen's quest. That's a bummer.

Even after you finish that quest, Vash will only talk to me about the supposed final quest in the line, Broken Fist of War, and not Feeling the Fauna. Maybe it will work once I finish this quest; I can only hope.

I have more than enough stuff gathered, except perhaps foodstuffs. Still I'll wander the area and gather as much as I can before calling home because I want to go forward with quests.

More or less, I'm trying to get Tez up to 48 to be able to tackle some other, stuck quests; and get tradeskill levels before the tradeskill update.


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