Posted by: mrrx | May 11, 2006

Thoughts on Station Exchange

Tezcatlipocca : 47% XP. Finished off the Vision of Fear quest, which involved nothing further other than running around Feerrott some more. Also gathered a ton of stuff; no rares tonight. Since there is little in-game to post about, I came up with another subject.

This week saw the announcement of and the purchase of several gaming sites tied back to real money transfers. This got me thinking again about the Station Exchange.

Some of EQ2's population treats us (Bazaar denizens) like lepers, outright criminals, and worse. They talk about the horrible impact that RMT has on the game experience. To all this talk, I just have to laugh usually.

I've been on the Exchange for a long time, and simply haven't seen any impact that RMT has on my game. None whatsoever. People are as nice and as mean on the Bazaar, as they are on other servers. Guilds and friendships work the same. Never have I been denied content because of gold farmers. Never (really) bought or sold items, or ran into people who do. But this week I was slightly impacted by the whole phenomenon.

We had a guildy who joined and disappeared very quickly. He started out as a lowbie, passed me speedily, and left the guild sometime around level 60. He did this in a matter of days; perhaps ten. And vanished.

The best explanation for this guy is that he leveled up, sold himself with a name change, and left the game. He did explain that he only had a very short time until he was going to Iraq; so he probably sold his character, and the help I gave him in doing things, was kind of silly and wasted.

My old guild was The Firm, and people have started reappearing with this guild name. One person is a former leader, nice enough guy, and I ran into him in the Feerrott this week. Well, his character. I got no response to repeated tells, and all he did was wander around and gather. What do you know – I ran into my first character sold to a gold farmer. Probably the whole guild was sold off too.

It was very strange, to see a name that you think is your friend, and he either is ignoring you or……… isn't himself anymore. Probably only speaks Chinese or something, so he couldn't reply even if he wanted to. I gathered around with him, in silence, and it was pretty polite with no node-stealing or griefing going on.

So there's the extent of the Exchange impact on me. If that tiny impact bothered you, brother, you would be way too sensitive.

Next post on Monday; I'm traveling Thursday and Friday.



  1. Hit F10 twice to get rid of the UI as you take your screenshots, thought you’d have a better chance of seeing the reply if I posted here. 🙂

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