Posted by: mrrx | May 9, 2006

Vision of Fear, continued

Tezcatlipocca : 41% XP. Tonight saw much progress on quests. Finished up two more of the quests from the camp; got my final language item and can now speak Thulian; repaired my broken conscript shield; and got a surprise.

Visited one of the lizard camps, along the river, and realized it was guarded by a group of three lizards, double-downs at about level 40. After whacking them and checking the tents, I finally found that irritating book I needed for Vision of Fear. This set off spending the rest of the night progressing this quest.

Approached the Pyramid of Fear, and found a player had cleared the front of it allowing me to walk up and talk to the NPC needed at the top – The Eye of Thule. Was to take down four Modinite fugitives. I heard a lot of nonsense about how tough they were to find; shoot, without spoilers I would still have had them in a day or so of wandering. As it happened, I had them finished in an hour. It would have been nice to know, beforehand, that it was four of them needed.

Returned to the Pyramid, and found myself able to get up by running quickly to its base, dealing with a small group of guards, and then walked right up once again. Got sent to take down Rallosian skeletons which was in progress when I logged for the night. 694 quests complete.

I have a ton of harvests that should take me quite a ways up if I just grind levels in alchemy; but I will probably continue to harvest in the hopes of having enough to bring me to T6. When I tried to buy the items on the broker, I found none available cheap. And did I score on the rares tonight – four luminous items, and four or five big rares like severed cedar, two ebon clusters, and some other things. Great session all around.


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