Posted by: mrrx | May 9, 2006

Top Three Hoped-for Changes

# 1 – Get rid of No-Trade Loot.
We have an attuneable attribute; any piece of gear will only stay in the economy as long as it is unused, thus solving gear inflation. So why is it exactly, that some items that drop are no-trade? If it's to keep items in the hands only of those who raid, that's a bad tack to take. Let them be attuneable and sellable by the raiders.

The problem with no-trade is, the best items have it, deliberately. And that makes the non-raiders have no chance at acquiring them. Even if they were sold at ungodly prices, all the non-raider would have to do is save enough money to buy them. Required levels keep the alt-twinking to acceptable levels already. Even if the prices were so high that it's not realistically possible to purchase things, the carrot is important to keeping your steady "Achiever" type soloist person in the game.

An example. While playing Everquest 1 I wanted to get that Darkwater Pearl Ring – +1 regeneration. Other players sold it for a hair over 1200 plat. Near the end of my career I managed to buy one. But by saving my money and dreaming of the amazing help that +1 regeneration would give me, I was more interested in continuing to play the game. If it had been no-drop, I never could have gotten the stupid thing, no such carrot would have existed, and I'd have been less likely to keep playing.

# 2 – Track more statistics.
I love kill totals. Absolutely love them. Nothing I do is wasted if I'm also racking up points on the North Qeynos poster. I'd love it if more creatures would count, not just the new worlds like in Desert of Flames, but in the old world too. I'm certain that I would, for example, be a slayer of centaurs yet the stat is not tracked.

Centaurs, Giants, Treants, and Lizardmen are obvious good choices. Really, anything with a Lore & Legend book about it.

# 3 – Broker Sale Prices.
The brokers are undergoing a revamp; one thing not mentioned for the revamp is the ability to set a price and have it stick. If I sell my tuber strands at 15 silver, and they sell out, the next stack of tuber strands I put up for sale starts at "free". They should start at 15 silver.

Everquest 1 had a file that tracked this info, and loaded the price if you put one of the items up for sale. EQ2 doesn't.

I should not have to keep some off-line system showing how much I am selling every item for, in order to know if I actually got my asking price. Personally, I forget each time. So track it for me please.


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