Posted by: mrrx | May 4, 2006

Inspiration !

Finally ! I have the solution to the six character limit !

Well, as far as I'm concerned.

Everquest2 has a six character limit. The exact reasons why are not stated; it might be because of server storage issues, or it might be an attempt to capture more revenue from their customers. Or it might be something altogether different.

Six is clearly too few character slots. There are 24 classes in this game people ! By limiting the number of slots, they limit your ability to play the game. Even the extra four provided by station access (for an extremely large fee by the way) are awfully pitiful and tiny. And the whole idea of limiting the number of characters created goes against the grain of the way video games have been designed for years.

The game also has a reward system for customer loyalty; if you are a customer long enough you get various rewards including titles, bags, and potions.

Proposal :
Make one of the possible rewards an additional character slot.

Benefits :
The cheapskates who won't pay for additional slots, have a way to acquire them. That is, if they stay customers long enough.

Station access is still a viable solution for customers who don't mind paying. Want those 10 characters in your first month of play ? Just subscribe to SA.

Is SOE limiting slots for a technical reason ? They still are limited, versus the wide-open systems in other MMO's. No new player creating 15 alts and then unsubscribing, or clogging databases up with placeholder characters.

Any downsides here ? I can't see any. Leave a comment if you have one.



  1. I think this would be a wonderful idea (of course I’ve been subscribed since day1 and would gladly take the extra character slots!) as I’ve just cancelled my station account (and so did the boyfriend), and I was specifically using it for hte extra slots. But thanks to your post, found out hte price was going up.. and since I’m Canadian, $40 Canadian a month, was simply not worth it for 4 extra toons.

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