Posted by: mrrx | May 3, 2006

Tradeskills, Day 2

More tradeskills tonight. Huehueteotl dings 7 and spends no more than 2cp per raw. Once he ran out of vitality I logged him off.

Tezcatlipocca buys every T4 raw on the market priced at 10cp or less and gets 85% of the way to 39. Making it through that level will probably require more harvesting in Zek & EL, as I doubt I'll be able to just buy the necessary ingredients. There are simply too many of them required.

At level 38 and with vitality, I was getting approximately .4% XP per combine. So this translates into 250 raws required to level; except that some combines give less because all I'm concentrating on is finishing the combine, and damn the quality. We're really talking around 350 raws to level.

Now if level 39 results in green recipes for the refines, that will probably double to 700 raws for a level. Yikes. At least, after I get him to 40 he can just use the stuff being gathered in Feerrott, along with buying any of the cheap stuff.

The "real" alchemy recipes that are higher con are all essences, and require roots and metals to accomplish. I don't want to bother; that can wait for the tradeskill revamp. In the meantime I just need to continue grinding the levels and making some small amount of money.


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