Posted by: mrrx | May 2, 2006

What’s up at E3 ?

Check out this link.

EQ2's new adventure pack – Fallen Dynasty – will be an asian themed area for levels 55 to 70. New quests and zones always get my interest, although I would buy the other adventure packs before this one. Tezcatlipocca is only 46.

EQ2's next expansion – Echoes of Faydwer – will introduce the first new playable race for the game, the Fae. New content for, apparently, all levels which will be a nice change, along with 350 new quests (!) and 20 new zones.

A Fae ? You can be a….. fairy? Well being the more masculine type myself I'm imagining I'll never play one but I guess you never know. My first thought is Fae being magic-users primarily, and scouts secondarily. Might be interesting to have a Fairy Swashbuckler, for instance.

Kudos on the spread-out zone concept being implemented. There's a reason I waited almost a year to buy Desert of Flames, and don't own Kingdom of Sky : there's no reason for a lower level person to buy either one. You *could* get achievements but they don't seem that useful, and in any event only my main Tezcatlipocca reaching 60 would motivate me to buy it.

On the other hand, the opportunity to go back to Faydwer, no matter what level I am at, is pretty enticing. Along with the prospect of more quests to do and you've got my interest pegged.

This notice is the first I had heard of Gods and Heroes, and the idea sounds promising. A fantasy world, with different fantasy (Roman style, not Tolkienesque), and yet still familiar to many people unlike other attempts. Control a group of NPC's and play solo in a more challenging way in a MMO.

Would it be possible, to actually see me play a game other than EQ2? OK, stop laughing, yes it is possible even for the ultimate immovable object such as myself.


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