Posted by: mrrx | April 11, 2006

Gnolls and Lutes

Tlaloc : 60% XP. Yes, I actually took Tlaloc for a while to adventure. What a concept. Headed to Thundering Steppes and whacked any unfortunate creature like the bugs and hawks that got in his way, and was fortunate enough to get an Adept Stance which he immediately scribed. Fun!

Monk is such a change from Mystic. Furiously slap every ability button and hope the mob goes down, which it usually does. I can only imagine how well he'd do after upgrading his abilities.

But, I was indecisive tonight, and switched.

Huehueteotl : Ding 16 – 15% XP. Got up to 200 of the 500 gnolls necessary and gained a level. After looking around a little bit, had him walk back and forth between Fippy's Hill, and the Keep of the Ardent Needle. Whacked anything he saw when power was available, and took down every solo gnoll as soon as they showed up.

Gnolls seem particularly vulnerable to my root. Or maybe it was my imagination – I don't know. But they didn't break the root often, and many a time I would root a gnoll and nuke him to death. That works as far as I'm concerned.

The gnolls on Fippy's Hill were just great. They usually spawned as double-downs, or sometimes a group of four triple-downs – perfect for what I'm trying to accomplish, namely gaining XP on gnolls. Too bad there was competition, but that's the breaks in a multiplayer game. Picked up a bunch of junk and sold it, as well as a few interesting items which got mailed to Tez.

But, still indecisive. Hopefully I can get him to 17 tonight.

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 45, 10% XP. Tez got one weald wolf, then left for Zek and finished up with the Lute series of quests. Now these were quite a bit of fun.

Deathfist Cryptology – find a bunch of stones; make a set of orders involving meeting a cryptologist at the stones; plant the orders in the Deathfist camp; and kill the cryptologists who meet you at the stones. Cool storyline and fun to do, though I could have done without the gigantic walk from Three Toes lake to the big spire – twice no less.

Several quests involved sneaking around Deathfist Citadel, and gaining entry to three tents scattered around it. Each of the tents was progressively harder to get into due to position and wandering mobs. I stood next to each and had to gauge, can I kill the mobs ? Can I just sneak in? Run in and let em hit me ? And had to time my entry so none of the baddies would catch me while I was in the tent. This was great fun, and usually ended up with me standing near the tent, clearing the mobs one by one until I could get in. Some I couldn't clear – up arrow mobs conning blue or even white. So I just had to dodge.

One quest even required swimming through the moat and picking up a bunch of sunken chests, thus I had to clear the moat horror kelp things first. And finally found out what those bottles and crates are for, and did that quest as well.

Ultimately, the quest climax is hijacking the Greenmist, a slaver ship captained by a renegade Iksar. It's not that hard – it is a solo designed quest after all. Still, came extremely close to death twice during the whole thing, without dying, which of course made it tons of fun. After downing the baddies, you sail back to Zek and finish up the quest series.

Next went over to Enchanted Lands, where I had just a few quests left – but one involved killing Darkflight Fairies. Ogaming claims you have to kill 200. Not even a random one, just pseudo-random, because you don't get a kill total. That got boring real fast, especially after counting gnolls earlier in the evening, so I logged off.

Tez has a new nuke, Ire of the Grey, which considering how often it gets used, I think I will upgrade to Master if I can find one for sale. I wanted to fill up his bags before he went back to town, but maybe it's smarter to just get this thing to make life easier. He also has a weird 30-second "badger pet" that casts a bunch of spells when you summon it. Definitely a group thing.

And one other odd note – y'know the number of the beast ? That number, from the Bible? That's how many quests Tez has completed. Better finish one more tonight ASAP because that stupid number just freaks me out.


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