Posted by: mrrx | April 11, 2006

Blackguard Blogs ?

Well now I’m completely surprised. Turns out that Nerfbat, the blog by the “grouchy gnome” about game design, is actually written by SOE’s own Blackguard, the Everquest Community Manager. Blackguard does a very good job pushing info out of the corporate maze that I assume SOE is, on down to us players.

I had him linked up once, then he went AFK forever and quit talking about Everquest 2. Now I discover this. Welcome to my journal links once again.

I would have counseled him to stay anonymous, not surprising I hope from a guy who goes by Mr. X; but I have an advantage. Even if you knew what I did for a living, you still don’t know me. He’s totally exposed now. But I think he has his answer about “who would care if they knew who I am ?” – I sure care. I’ll read those posts with a new eye.


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