Posted by: mrrx | April 10, 2006

Nektropos Revisited

Tezcatlipocca : 55% XP. Started out the session by returning, real quick, to Nek Castle – Solo trip. Walked into the chapel and there was Billy. A 32 ^^^ but I knocked him down without a problem.

The problem, however was the next mob – the Inquisitor of Ulkoruuk. 30^^^ but a healer; I could not kill him fast enough and had to run from the castle, despite madly clicking my little power potions. This also meant I had to abandon the plan to solo my way to Alexa, for at least a couple levels, since the Inquisitor is her placeholder. Bastard.

Got my Rallosian Ghosts for the final Nektulos Far Seas req, and was chasing crabs and badgers when I get the call from Bruelle again – Nektropos Castle. I hustled over and we had a very good group. Fury, myself, three wizards, and Berserker. All 38+. Things went very well.

Did not finish the missing mask unfortunately, but that's just the way it goes. We fought our way all the way down to Everling and knocked him flat, to update Hadden's Earring quest. Kept them around long enough to help me progress the mask; killed the Librarian, and got the Fairy L&L book along with an update; met Billy in the Courtyard for another; and talked to the froglok assassin for a third. Next step is to trek back to the Library, but I couldn't keep the rest of them in the castle any longer, which was OK really. Instead we headed off to Varsoon to work Hadden's.

Another fine dungeon crawl. Looked in a bunch of places for nameds, but only found Hrath V'Tol for our quest. And, of course, Varsoon who dropped some masters which I unfortunately didn't get. I also got a look at the workshop, and progressed that quest killing living clays. We tried to spawn the Creator in here (needed for Ghoulbane), but the mobs repopped before we could so we gave up quickly. And headed out to the Thundering Steppes, killed a pirate captain, and all finished Hadden's earring.

Afterwards I went wandering again, killing crabs and looking for badgers. The flesh scavenger crabs aren't that big a problem – they spawn all along the dead river from the beach. But young timber badgers are hands down, the rarest creatures in the zone. You just can't pop these little buggers quickly. The most reliable place was the little wooded area near the tower north of Varsoon; I believe this was the Ruins of Karana. Never would two or more pop though, which made things difficult.

One other place to find the badgers is near the two gnoll pits, so I walked over to take a look. And there, right next to the Tesch Mal gnolls, I finally found what I needed – a linked spawn of two young timber badgers. Time to use the run off and repop method – kill one, run away, walk back and you'll have two mobs again. One of them magically "repops".

I killed that poor little badger 24 times in about 20 minutes before I finally progressed the book and logged off. Now that it progressed, what do you think was the next step? Of course – weald wolves. Somewhere a game designer is laughing at me.



  1. Having a blast reading about your adventures, keep it up 🙂

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