Posted by: mrrx | April 9, 2006

Betrayal and Heritages

Huehueteotl : Ding 14, with 60% XP. Just repetitively killed orcs and undead in the Commonlands until I hit the magic level; then started betrayal. I had another player help me get there though.

He was the absolute worst person to group with. Not only did he have no clue how to play the game, his concept of communication was nil. He never said a word, other than a single "kk" which I didn't get at all either. Eventually I just gave up, followed him around, and abandoned him if he got himself in stupid trouble. The XP was slightly quicker with him. Immediately upon dinging 14 I started the betrayal.

Betrayal went well. The newer aggro rules meant the serpent sewer was a three-step process to traverse. First you get ready to pass the filthy moccasins; I even killed two of them. Second you run down a sewer tunnel and lose the pursuit; stand and re-heal. Third, enter the betrayal room/area, and run like hell past the aggro mobs to see Kenjenedreau. Had a harder time dealing with the graveyard actually; the skels always kill me there.

Even ran through Nektulos forest without getting aggro, which was a shock. Grabbed some nice person and talked them into escorting me through, and he did a good job. Started the betrayal, and decided this time to kill my 500 gnolls first because the nameds are relatively tough, and will be easier at level 17.

Went to Fippy's Hill which had a large number of easy gnolls, along with the wussies at the gate, and got about 75 before I logged off.

Tezcatlipocca : Helped out guildys doing the Reaching Blade heritage quest; then decided to do it myself. Psyched myself up for the scary journey into Freeport.

What a letdown. It was beyond easy. For Reaching Blade, you need to exit the sewer, and enter the inn just south of it. There was once a permanently camped epicx4 guard in front of it; now, none of them even wander anywhere near the inn. Just walk in and find the NPC.

It was even easier for the Stein of Moggok; all the guards in that area were gray. Walk down the path, wave at the guards who state "Death to the enemies of the Overlord!", enter through the front door (don't forget to tip the two grey guards nearby, who hold the door open for you quaking with fear), and have a little conversation with Rumdum.

Also visited G'Zule again to finish off another easy lowbie quest; this was a real test of guts. The guards were all aggro and deadly, but I just sneak forward one step at a time until I'm close enough to hail him. The worst part was the aggro guard right behind G'Zule. I wasn't close enough to aggro; but I was close enough that she turned her head and looked straight at me. Finished the dialog and snuck out.

And my adventure in Freeport was finished. I felt bad about dragging a Freeport guildy with me; didn't need him despite all reports to the contrary.

Hooked up with some people inside the Crypt of Betrayal for the hired assassins. Oh man – I had not expected them to be so tough. There were four of us the first time, and though we had no DPS I figured we could burn them down slowly. I was wrong and we all died. Try #2 saw us switch our 30 guardian with a 50 ranger, and this is when we noticed that the assassins heal themselves. How unexpected – and deadly. Wipe #2.

Trying to figure out what to do next, a 51 assassin showed up and almost had them dead solo. We ran as fast as possible and got over to her, and got in two swings or so and they were dead. Got the update – that is, everyone except our ranger who ran the wrong way.

We hung around and took down the two assassins again; but our ranger didn't update. He was mentored too low. Didn't listen to me when I hollered at him to unmentor. Got him to do it, then waited for the repop and killed them once more, and then we were finished.

Headed over to Nektropos Castle next. It was late and I was tired, but in experienced hands. Bruelle guided our little group through and we made progress on Missing Mask, and did the library access. Some other quests kept dinging but I had no time to sightsee, had to run back and forth.

Just to get to the mask quest, you have to be able to open locked doors into the Sister's bedrooms. We trekked down and ultimately got it. What I couldn't get started, was the Lockets quest. You go into the chapel, spawn Alexa, and hail, which should start the quest. Except that it didn't. It didn't make much sense – nobody in the group had it completed, but Bruelle was working on it. I hope I can get it later; plan to enter the castle solo and try it again.

The big thing to progress the early steps of the mask, is to get Billy, the doll. He might be up in the gameroom, the chapel, or the courtyard. So you want to keep all these areas clear of monsters that are placeholders. We also cleared the stables of swine, to pop the Swinelord, who is needed late in the quest. While doing all of this, got the spirit updates for both Ghost, and Golem, lore and legend at last. Just parts left to acquire. Ultimately, I got to the point of needing Billy in the Chapel, but then it was way too late and I logged off.

Other noteworthy things – Sway of Honor dinged guild level 20 tonight too – way to go guys ! Our status machine Opuja finished off the Teachings of Yoru heritage to ding it for us. I hit the 650 quest mark and am in position #190 on the server.

Edited after 1st posting


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