Posted by: mrrx | April 5, 2006

Treasure Hunter

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 34 Alchemist, with 40% XP. With two full stacks of red oak, a mushroom harvest, it seemed like the right time to do some tradeskilling. I bought a lot of it, but anything I buy for 5c or less I don't worry about too much. Ground for awhile when I decided to try and make some actual potions.

Found one in my level 34 recipe book which does power regen, and made three of them. The quality level wasn't pristine, but that is controlled by the bottles, and the bottles I can make are not pristine. The glass is the jeweler part of a potion, and my skill is pretty low at jewelry. And who really cares ? A few charges low or not, these are for me to use myself on that next heroic grey fight, not to sell to someone browsing the broker.

Picked up another ten sabertooth trackers – it's not that hard if you accept standing around for 10 minutes at a time, then making a route around the pits and by the gnoll gate. Got 3 or 4 each time doing that. Third round, again, was sabertooth trackers, and I got them and finished off the book. Except that later I find myself in the Mage Tower and buy three more books for…….. yup, the Thundering Steppes. Great planning eh ?

Am now wearing the title Treasure Hunter. After you complete 5 heritage quests, go see Sage Indis Surion in the Mage Tower (or the equivalent in Freeport) and he will award you the title and a house item. Lore Seeker, the next title, should be after 10 completions. I currently have 7.

Made my way to Nektulos where I completed the Captain's Deed quest (First captain had it ! Hooray!), another Far Seas Req, and the Nektulos part of the next Far Seas req. Just to empty out my Nektulos group, I decided to finish Maid in the Mist.

I needn't have put this off for so long. This quest is significantly easier than the Zek access quest. The only ^^^ you need to fight is the "disquised entity" – he is a fisherman wandering the beach. Level 30 ^^^ with no helpers – that's a far cry from Bloodstain's group. Once you board the ship, every so often goblins or fairies will pop and you have to kill them until you get another tough baddie, a ^^ with two skeleton double-downs to help him. He even throws you into the air during the fight, interrupting spells and disorienting you. Still, I was in no danger and took him down for the quest completion.

Dealt with selling, refilled my half-empty quest book with a few quests including books, writs, and a newb one I somehow missed, then logged off in front of the chemistry table. 16 plat in the bank; delicious.


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