Posted by: mrrx | April 4, 2006

Al`Quylar Down! Bloodstain Down!

Tezcatlipocca : 20% XP. Did more quest cleanup this session – finished off the last Crypt of Betrayal quest; did some gathering and such for Far Seas Reqs; and then seeing an opportunity, namely two guildys in Antonica, got a group together for Al Quylar to finish the Strange Black Rock.

We were a pally, warden (both 32) and me at 44. The fight didn't go as planned but we all survived and took him down. He almost killed the warden right at the beginning of the fight; he beelined to her instead of staying focused on me while I hit him with debuffs.

After this, I went back to Thundering Steppes and finished off the Zek access quest. That's kind of funny isn't it ? I'm level 44 and have outleveled the zone, but I finally can get "access". The fight was fun and very tough at the end – Captain Bloodstain, Gawar the Bad, and two helpers. Bloodstain got slightly less DPS than I did so he went down. Took out the two helpers fairly quickly next. Gawar had a very hard time hurting me, so we swung weapons back and forth for awhile, with me very very slowly scratching him to death, until some of my mana regenned. Gave him the old Heroic Opportunity Blast a few times and he went down, and I get the quest update.

Next attempted to kill more Steelhoof Prophets – 5 updates to go on this quest, and these are very rare updates. After taking on two heroics and just barely surviving both fights, and not finding any non-heroic prophets, I gave up. Maybe I'll try this again at 46. Went after Sabertooth Trackers and discovered they are not only by the gnoll fort but they also patrol the area of those two pits, right on the edges – probably killing scouts will help pop them.

I was really happy to get all five needed, then I examined the book for what comes next.

What came next ? Well, of course, another ten trackers. Three pages to go. Ugh – I was afraid of that. Logged off hoping to do it tomorrow.

One good thing about tonights escapades – I actually had a use, three times, for a potion. The one potion I've been carrying around for perhaps 20 levels. Time to go back to Nettleville and see what I can make at the highest level for fights like these (grey heroics).

Acting on a tip from a forum denizen, I switched my language to English (EU); which was previously set at English (US); and logged into the game. Bingo, six more character slots. Just to verify you can do it I created a Troll Fury and looked around the Isle for a bit. At last – I have much more of a playground to check out additional characters. Already have a plan to make six evils of various classes.


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