Posted by: mrrx | April 3, 2006

Five Metal Chests

Tlaloc : Finished off the last of his steaks. Needs more stuff to cook, or maybe he can {gasp} adventure.

Huehueteotl : Ding 10. My Ogre went through all the content on the Newbie Isle, getting himself a +4 INT two-handed staff in the process; then headed out to Freeport. Stood and killed undead in the graveyard for awhile; and finished off the quest series from that NPC there. Got a ranged-slot item with +4 INT on it as well. After hitting 10, he headed out to the Commonlands and tried taking down ghostly orcs; looks like that should wait until he has another level.

Huey selected, each time a trait came up, extra INT which looks to be helping him a bit. Getting an Adept drop on his nuke also helped immensely. The whole gameplay amuses me to no end – big tough green guy, rooting and nuking. Tried to slug it out against a triple-down green when he ran out of mana, and he was clearly going to get killed. But that's OK – he stood up to it well and should have a fair amount of ability to get away from trouble.

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 44, 15% XP. Hooked up with guildy Opuja and camped the Sentry inside of Zek. This guy took a bit to get – we had the wrong idea for the mob who was placeholder. When we saw the real placeholder and took him down, we got Sentry Goorlux fairly quickly after that. Next step – Fyst raid. Urgh.

After that, we decided to finish off the Chamber of Immortality access quest. This is a true access quest still – you can't get in until you have finished this to kill Varsoon. And it took awhile because you have to camp three nasty named skeletons to finish it off. But each one dropped a metal chest. Nice stuff.

Walked right in and took down the first one; the third one went down after one cycle of killing placeholders. The second one took over half an hour to get, he just refused to show up, plus we weren't sure on the placeholder mechanic at first. But ultimately we finished and headed off to take out Varsoon.

It was pretty tough, just a shadowknight and me the mystic. But we survived and took him down. With a DPS player too, it would have been cake. Opuja used that AA pet for some extra DPS, and I immediately used my emergency ward to conserve mana, as well as the Manastone to suck additional mana into the fray. Still ended up with no mana and pretty bruised up, but we took him down. Too bad we got troubador-class master spells out of it, but that's life.

Gated back to Nettleville and logged, very late but a very profitable trip. Still need Scholar Al Quylar to finish of the Strange Black Rock heritage.


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