Posted by: mrrx | March 31, 2006

Stinking Sands

Tezcatlipocca : 75% XP. Logged in to find no Crypt Tempests available, so in an attempt to get them to spawn I killed every beetle in the hallway by that gnome Bramblehair. And guess what – it worked this time. Finished off the Cryptkeeper's book, as well as two agonized essence quests. Also found a quest starter for Bloodsabers – I was always wondering where people got that quest – when a guildy asked me to help them get that last 4% to level.

So we ran off to the Sinking Sands. I'm not sure if I was simply tired (I doubt it), but that was a boring time. This was an XP grind group for sure, in a zone that was way too high for me, and I watched them fight reds and oranges while all my spells got resisted. I kept the tank nice and warded, but he really didn't need me anyway as he also had a templar. We weren't trying to do *anything* other than find things to kill, and I'd much rather have a goal or quests to complete. Got a lot of discovery XP and a bunch of mob-killing before I gated out and logged.

Logged in early today and checked the broker. Bought some spell upgrades and am looking for a couple things. Would love a Master I Anger of the Ancients (Encounter damage spell) but prices were very high, especially for a spell I will outgrow sooner than later. Also want Howl of the Ancients, but there were none for sale other than a ridiculous Adept III. And I saw Glimmering Teeth for sale.

Some yahoo had listed his Glimmering Tooth at 2 plat early in the day. When I rechecked, two other people had followed his lead, along with a fourth who was selling at 75g and change. It was really high, but I bought it and I'm glad I did. Sheesh, that probably was nothing more than 3 stacks of tuber strands at the price I'm getting for them. Crafted my Shroud of the Manastone and discovered the last step – Kill Varsoon and take his manastone.

Got over to Thundering Steppes and the servers went down – so I camped near the hermit for the first step of the Varsoon access quest. I'm now quester # 200 on The Bazaar.


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