Posted by: mrrx | March 30, 2006

Alts and the Bank Shuffle

And just as I noted the previous post – I did it. Created all four new characters and spent most of the night switching their stuff around. The plan is, take the new Huehueteotl and get him over to Qeynos first. Probably should do it fairly soon, but I'm not sure.

Got Huey leveled up to 5 on the Isle of Refuge; it's fun playing the lowbie wizard game. This consisted of find a mob, auto attack and debuff, and then button mash all your nukes. I was enjoying myself until I realized I had lots more work to do so I logged him just after dinging 5 and getting his HO button.

My Ogre wizard has a mohawk and looks… unusual in his robe. My paladin/shadowknight looks fierce and whitish with his bald head. The new Camaxtli is a baby-faced swashbuckler; but sheesh I really like the look of Chalchitlicue my beautiful Barb lady conjuror. A nice blue robe and a carefully manufactured face with blue eyes make her look HAWT.

Tlaloc : Ding 41 provisioner. Mmmm, creamed ice coffee and snapper peppersteak sandwiches. He's left with two stacks of meat to cook then perhaps some actual adventuring.

It might be a good idea; to keep all my alts spread out that is. Tlaloc is #2 at level 22. If I get a betrayed Ogre finished he'll be at 17 or higher. Or maybe, that idea failed before, and I should just be streaky about it. Well, I'll just have to deal with it later. Not quitting Tez anytime soon.

Tezcatlipocca : Got on long enough to help a guildy finish Axe From The Past. Needed to finish up our access quest, and while we got The Banished and Windfeather, Incaeulubius was not up and we didn't really want to make him pop. No sweat for me; only needed Windfeather.

Windfeather definitely got himself nerfed. I was one-shotted once, or maybe twice, by this rotten bird when he was an epic. I remember it clearly because it just seemed so………. unfair. But what I got last night was a 28^^^ that realistically, I probably could have gotten alone. We then got a group of four and killed the Octogorgon; boy was that overkill. During the fighting in the Cove I hit 2500 undead and am now an accomplished undead slayer.

Gated back to Qeynos and dealt with selling. I am now the proud owner of 13 plat. This is just what's banked, not what the characters actually have. Would be great to increase the pace substantially and sell it, but priority comes on having fun.

Was also amazed at the prices for some things. Sold some electrum and turquoise which were sitting in alts' banks – for 10s each. That's for a T2 jewel people. And I thought I was being ridiculous; the other seller was selling for 25s. Similarly, my 100+ tuber strands are selling for an astounding 25s each. The other guy, was selling them for 50. And what's really strange about this is I was still placing books, and puttering inside my apartment, when I sold out of the metals and sold maybe 20 of the tuber strands.

And just before logging, ventured back into Crypt of Betrayal. And they were there ! My lovely, impossible-to-find Crypt Tempests. Killed four of them – two to go. And with the servers coming down, I'm hopeful that I can log on and take two more to finally progress, or even finish, that irritating book.


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