Posted by: mrrx | March 29, 2006

Alt Indecision

Sat at the character select screen for awhile, trying to decide what to make two alts. I've got Tezcatlipocca; Tlaloc; and Camaxtli, my swashbuckler. My Test characters are Hatereaper the Troll Shadowknight, and Bonebank the Human Necro. So what should my other alts be?

They would include a conjuror I'm thinking, except that I can't decide what race to make my conjuror. No elves; I just would not enjoy any elf. Already have two humans, troll, barbarian, and kerran. I'm deleting a froglok because, well, frogs are seeming kind of stupid. Hate the look of the erudites, which is a shame. Dwarves don't work for conjurors.

So we're left with gnome, ogre, halfling, and ratonga. A halfling might be interesting, except the stats really blow; better for a swashbuckler. A gnome would work, but that doesn't excite me much. I'd like to have an ogre, but worry that it would seem stupid later like the Iksar did. But I really, really want an Ogre somewhere. I'm undecided on the ratonga; good stats and an intelligent choice, but do I want to be a rat?.

Wizard is tough too. Most of the analysis carries over to that choice, except that an Ogre Wizard sounds really cool – the difference between manipulating others to fight for you, versus killing them yourself. And if I can't make myself play any other wizard race, I should just be a human.

Maybe – what I really need is this.
A new Halfling Swashbuckler named Camaxtli.
A new Barbarian Conjuror named Chalchitlicue. Female.
A new Ogre Wizard named Huehueteotl.
A new Ogre Paladin.

This would require another name for the Pally – Huitzilopochtli would be good, that's a warrior god; but damn that's hard for people to type. Also Teoyamqui – god of dead warriors. Ometochtli perhaps for fun – drunken rabbit warrior god ! ( I mispell these because it works better mispelled, in case anyone notices).

And the good part of this is, if the Ogre Wizard starts to seem stupid, I can delete him and just go human. Or something else. I'm confident the other three choices will be fun.

Sheesh this would be so much easier if they'd quit limiting the number of our slots.


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