Posted by: mrrx | March 28, 2006

Life and Light

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 43, 10% XP. Spent some time in Ruins of Varsoon finishing a book quest and trying to catch a group for both the Life and Death tomes; I got the former. Hooked up with a guy who was running a four-character hydra, and he was good at it. But no matter how hard I tried, couldn't quite make it to Death.

So went back out, and with some help from a passing warlock took out two of three parts of the Cove of Decay access quest; Incaleubius the skeleton, and Banished the centaur. Windfeather I passed on, but I'll have to check that thing again; I got different reports about whether he was an epic, or not. Also got my last three spears from marauders, and headed over to Nektulos.

Got a new Far Seas Req in Nek and took care of part of it, and also finish Stalker Pulsarian's quest to take out skeletons. One part required me to take down Gul Thex Elites, and that was kind of fun. Even grey/pink, he was a tough mob to kill, although neither could he hurt me so I was never in any danger. His rogue arts were just hard to deal with. Also got the troll his giant head, finished off both Shadowmen quests (language and L&L), and killed the ungrateful troll in the Commonlands. Then I went back to work on Return of the Light.

The High Priest spawned easy – or was simply up. You are supposed to stand near the decaying remains and clear them, and I did this twice. I then checked a tower marked as having him in there, and there he was, standing there cowering. A few minutes later and I was ready for Bloodskull Valley.

But getting to the Valley was easier said than done. It's on the ultra-extreme south of the Commonlands, accessed by traveling down a canyon from south of some Bloodskulls on the eastern part of the map. Confused ? Yeah, I was too. The way to find it is to go to the Hidden Canyon griffin, follow the wall to the west, and you come upon a bunch of undead in front of a canyon. It took over half an hour but eventually I found the place.

There was a group trying to take out the General, and they were full, so I stood around and waited for promised help after they tried. Kept whacking undead and orcs to pad my kill totals. And quickly, they exited unsuccessfully and someone had to leave the group. Perfect! I was in.

Bloodskull Valley is an INSANE instance. You go in and are mobbed by perhaps 25 ^^ orcs with one or two ^^^'s to make it more dangerous. Luckily we had a good tank, an Ogre Guardian, and between my wards and the inquisitor's heals we kept everyone alive long enough to knock down all of them.

Then you get another wave. Yikes.

Then you get a third wave. By this time, I'm fully comprehending why people complain about this heritage quest; you just couldn't do this at a level appropriate time unless you were a raid force. And you'd have to be GOOOD at it too to handle that many mobs at once; nobody is good at it, however, in their 20's. General Drull, our target, was part of the third wave and after he fell, we ran out and completed the quest.

I was hanging around to help out two other people who wanted to complete the quest, but after 45 minutes I figured I was waiting too long so I logged off. Completed a few more quests for Mooshga – I wasn't done with her, just needed to see Mugwump in Nektulos first – and one or two I picked up in the Commonlands. Next session – get rid of the stone beetles and I'll be temporarily finished with the Commonlands.

Also decided to re-create Huehueteotl and Eheccatl. An Iksar conjuror? What was I thinking ? And any froglok doesn't excite me anymore. Not sure what I'll create in their places.


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