Posted by: mrrx | March 24, 2006

Empty Commonlands

Tlaloc : Ding 40 provisioner. Made fish steaks, refined my shallots, and began making a stack of carp sandwiches. Tlaloc is getting close to outleveling Tez which would be kind of funny.

One irritant I tripped across was with cream. Cream is the same cost as aerated mineral water, and apparently counts as a "liquid". The game kept trying to select this first, instead of the mineral water. That's annoying. Not exactly a problem, but definitely an annoyance.

Tezcatlipocca : Maybe 55% XP. Completed several quests in the commonlands. Got Madam Vi her water, and delivered it to thirsty nomads; did two kill quests involving orc skeletons; finished JP Feterman's tour of Commonlands; got crab meat and then fixed Mooshga's pot; and maybe one or two others.

While Antonica and Qeynos are pretty busy on the Bazaar server, Commonlands and Freeport seem like ghost towns. I saw a grand total of three people last night. I guess it's not just the Test server. And this makes me even gladder I did what I did, and created my evils on Test. In any event, I ran across the empty Commonlands and got things done.

Did not see the Lightbringer Wisp tonight either. Maybe I'm just going to have to camp him; God bless it, but that would be irritating. To camp it you need to hang out by the druid ring, which is surrounded by lions, elephants, and wild dogs. Not a thing I'd have any interest in killing. And I'm not harvesting anything except tuber strands.

I also had fun with my disease spell which hits everything in an encounter for 200 damage. Anything about level 12 and double or triple down, would get one-shotted with this spell. I amused myself by wasting orcs and skeletons with this on several occasions.

The group of orcs begins to cower, seeing me in their midst. They stand mutely and without moving while I target them, and begin to cast. The spell hits, and all four fall to the ground dead, one with a dying curse. And I pick up corpse loot and coins, and add four more notches to my Orc Hunter title.


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