Posted by: mrrx | March 23, 2006

Brandus ! You Betrayer !

Tezcatlipocca : Started out by visiting Elowys Laceleaf in the Thundering Steppes, and giving her the moth she asked for. And the most irritating thing – the next thing she asks for – is a spotted yellow butterfly. Sheesh, I have all these extra moths and you want *another* butterfly. Not just any butterfly mind you – this is the rarest one.

Back to Oakmyst. Start gathering, and within 15 minutes, I am lucky enough to gather one. Another visit to Elowys and Desperately Seeking Moths is finally finished. Next one is Ants – but I decided to pass on this for the moment. I can probably get ants in Stormhold I'm thinking, or maybe just buy them from the broker.

Instead I returned to the Commonlands and loaded up on quests. Got started on the Crossroads quests, and finished up two of them. All the guards were pinked out so it was no problem to walk around inside there. One quest requires me to sneak into Freeport, so that will be difficult if not impossible. G'zule is right outside the Temple of War in North Freeport; and the path to reach him from the Thieve's Way defintely has a guard pathing through it. Have to scout it out with a Freeport character.

Some NPC's refused to talk to me. Not sure if it's because I'm a Qeynosian, or if it's because I'm too high level. But the bug squashing for instance, which can be picked up right outside the main gate, was not available. And then there's Brandus.

I finished off his first quest, involving the Ratonga, and came back and got a second one. This was to collect some debts from Andre Blackhammer in the Crossroads. I walk up and say hi, and he attacks so I kill him. I return to Brandus, who laughs at me and tells me to go back to Qeynos and smell some flowers and pet a deer. You little punk! I enjoyed his quest series when playing Hatereaper, and he teases me by giving me just two of them. Just burns me up, even though I have to give the writers credit. That was a well-written and scripted quest.

The Commonlands is a neat zone, but it was a little dull running back and forth over such a big zone for easy quests. Ended up logging off early.


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