Posted by: mrrx | March 22, 2006

EQ – one – Players

Well I just discovered that Everquest the original now has player profiles. They're not bad; they show equipment, level and stats, and apparently would show more if I was an active player and subscribed to the game, such as rankings.

I re-linked my characters from the original game on the sidebar. They're all still there, including my Bazaar mule, who was level one during the EQ server merges and was supposedly going to be deleted. None of my characters has the advanced items enabled; here's a profile of someone who does, and what they show.

And none of the things they are tracking really interests me. It's just raw personal stats; no kill tracking, no number of deaths, certainly no quests completed. I really am a creature of goals and statistics when I play these games. I'd love to see how Hammer ranks against other players.

Dare I do it, or not ? Dare I play Everquest Live again?

But now, my previous choices come home to roost. My station account with EQ is different than my account with EQ2. I don't know why I did that, but I did. According to the SOE knowledgebase, there's no freebie possible, nor ability to merge accounts. If I could, I'd merge the two accounts in a heartbeat. Then Station Access would let me get at all my characters for $22 a month. That's a deal compared to the alternatives – if I wanted to simply resubscribe it'd cost me $16 + 18 = $34 per month. Two accounts, one for EQ2 and one for EQ1.

Transferring characters for a fee costs a fortune. To really move everyone would require spending perhaps $175 plus the paltry $20 for the software key. Yeah, right.

I could pay for a new EQ key and build characters up from the beginning. Get the station access pass, buy EQ for my EQ2 account, and transfer platinum and stuff from the old account, to the new account. So that's a cost of $20 + 15, with a new station access subscription at $22 instead of the $16 I currently pay. That's much more reasonable. Except that by doing so, I lose my characters.

Well – maybe I'll check it out. Maybe not.


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