Posted by: mrrx | March 22, 2006

A Freeport Newb

Tezcatlipocca : 50% XP. After checking again for a sabertooth tracker (and finding one ! 2 of 10 now) had Tez head off for the Commonlands boat dock. Picked up the 999 year old port quest, and Brandus Levine's quest, then zoned into the Ruins in Freeport.

I haven't been here since the update where they reworked all the 1-20 classes. It's quite a bit different. And despite spending a fair amount of time running around the zone, I didn't get too many ?'s. Frustration was building when I walked up to the newbie quest giver and got a surprise.

You see, I'm from Qeynos. The general rule is that Freeport NPC's won't talk to Qeynosians. But this guy did, and I got the beginning of a long quest line meant for the new players. The funniest part, was each NPC's insistence that I was actually a Qeynosian, my heated denials, and the awarding of the quest afterward.

The Freeport quests are well done and interesting. Great job Sony Devs. I finished them up over the course of the evening, and also answered a critical question : where is a good place to find moths ? The answer, which surprised me, is the Sunken City.

Ruins – Not many of them anymore. Too many statues and wooden palisades.
Graveyard – Few and far between.
Sprawl – A few, but the zone lags really bad.

After trying all of these, I kept finding them in the dry part of the Sunken City. There are limited spots that they spawn in, and little lag. Just run around on the dry parts and grab every piece you can get your grubby little hands on. Got the striped brown moth I needed, finally, after months of the quest languishing in my journal. Much better than paying 12g for the odd one that appears on the broker. Loaded up on them and have maybe 10 various ones.

One other surprise were the ghosts wandering there. That knowledge will come in handy once I manage to start the Ghost lore & legend quest.

Afterwards, headed out to the Commonlands and found the treasure for the 999 year old port quest. I like this quest – Hatereaper did it and the experience was pretty much the same. Then began working on Brandus Levine's quest. Needed to kill 10 more assassins when I noticed the time and logged off.

Quester #330 on the Bazaar server now. Time to return to Thundering Steppes and progress the desperate moth quest.


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