Posted by: mrrx | March 21, 2006

Killing Pink Heroics

Tezcatlipocca : 40% or so XP. Had Tez start out by clearing out the T4 herbs from his backpack. This resulted in an awesome three tradeskill levels; Ding 33 alchemist with 90% XP. Too bad he didn't have enough to get to 34 but I just got bored with the whole thing anyway. Picked up every discovery experience available, and burned up my metal by making tempers as well. Sold all the junk back to the vendor for 7s and change each, and bought another rosewood box with the proceeds.

Also checked on Palladium torques. I could have one crafted, but our jeweler is taking a little vacation from EQ2, and the difference in buying a torque, and selling my palladium, was pretty minimal so I said the heck with it and just bought one and turned it in. Al Quylar was really nice about it (NOT!) and sent me off to kill the Life and Death books again.

Adventuring started out with Varsoon naturally, and completed a few more quests and progressed almost everything in there. Didn't get either book; need an apprentice to finish that halfling's quest; and also working book quests inside the zone. After I got stuck, and finished up with the Zek access part in Varsoon, I decided to try and solo the old Zek access quest.

It was pretty crazy. You find yourself on a boat that looks a whole lot like the boat from the old tutorial; the Far Journey I believe was its name. The water is awesome, the waves realistic, and the seasickness quite palpable. The boats are simply an incredibly well done zone artistically. A whole bunch of orcs keep spawning on the main deck of the ship, and your job is to kill them all. As they were all grey-pinked out for me, it was pretty easy. Even got to rest between waves and wait for mana to regenerate.

Me – "Here now lad – don't mind me. I'm just resting before I kill you"
Orc – "Right then, I'll just cower while I wait."

Then Captain Bloodstain spawned, along with my old buddy Gawar the Bad. A level 30 heroic, pinked out, and yet he was able to hit me and hurt me. It looked for a bit like I would survive it, but in the end he was too tough for me and I went down. Have to try it again in another 2 levels or so.

After this I went back to Varsoon, and nearly finished up every quest when I got a request to help kill Varsoon himself. Sounded like fun, so I went ahead and helped. Three waves of spider/alien beings spawn and you need to kill them. They were cake, and grey. Next came a named creature, looked something like a lamia from the enchanted lands, and she went down. Last was Varsoon. All were fairly easy and the two nameds dropped master chests. Nice. Unfortunately I didn't get anything but oh well.

So made my way back to Thundering Steppes, looking for sabertooth trackers and not finding any. Finished up the other book quest – the drowned footsoldiers were not that hard to find, all you really had to do was run the dead river a few times and keep your eyes open for them. Went back to the Centaur camp again and killed more centaurs when I saw a shout about killing the Octogorgon.

It was a piece of cake. A group of five of us took the thing out; well, that is, we had a group of five, but one of the pallys ran ahead and half-killed the thing before the rest of us even got there. Then we took down the epic skeleton for the Stilletto quest. Ding, I have my polished granite tomahawk ! One more heritage down. I followed the group for awhile, back to Varsoon, and progressed the quest up to creating the manastone.

What you actually do, apparently, is craft the shroud of the manastone. This is a level 9 recipe that requires a glimmering tooth – the same things I've been selling on the broker as I harvest them. Even better, there were none for sale when I tried to buy it. Bah. Maybe I can harvest it myself. So I'm stuck there.

Next I headed down to Stormhold and finished off my quests there. The bone blood soldiers were a HUGE pain in the @$$. They only spawn two at a time, on a ten minute timer, deep in the zone. I needed 15. Spent the down time looking for easy skeletons to kill and updated the Sir Valinayle quest by doing so. Then I had to kill Lord Gydak.

This guy was fun. He's a big troll on the lowest level of Stormhold, in the tunnels. I was nervous about taking him on, but he was level 28 with maybe 8 helpers – including 2 bone blood soldiers which made me happy. After a long and tiring fight, burning every drop of mana and using my wards, Gydak went down. Fun stuff ! I even got a legendary bow, Stormfire, for my trouble.

Now I have a single quest left to do in Stormhold – which I haven't started at all – and that is the Scions of Darkness quest. Talked to a guy who did it and he said its frustrating getting the scions to spawn, so I figured I'd wait on the quest until later. It's not like I'll forget about this one.

With a much cleaner journal I logged off. Next, I just *have* to go harvest these stupid moths or I'm going to go insane.


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