Posted by: mrrx | March 20, 2006

Was I Wrong ??

One thing I've complained ceaselessly about since go-live day has been the restriction on the number of characters. On go-live day, you could only have four characters in the game. Period. No alts. And this in a game that offers 24 character choices. And which is the "2" version of a game with effectively unlimited character creation. This lead to Quitting The Game Take 1.

They eventually upped the amount a little bit – to six characters. Wow, big whoop guys. Still, they were going in the right direction. With this plus the ability to play on Test, you could have 12 characters total which is half of the game. So I went ahead and restarted, and used up every one of those character slots.

Remember, this is back in the bad old days of not really having your class until level 20. I forced my way through a lot of content to get several up to their real class, and kept at it with every one of them. This, plus the general difficulty of the game, lead to boredom and Quitting The Game Take 2.

Now I'm playing again and almost exclusively playing my main, Tezcatlipocca. He's a questaholic and must do all quests. He's in a good and helpful guild. And I have to say I'm having more fun concentrating on him and seeing the new zones and completing quests which I've never seen before. Which prompts the question title of this post.

Was I wrong? Was Sony trying to do me a favor by limiting my character slots ? It's not quite clear to me at this point because I've yet to put any serious time into an alt – and Tlaloc the Provisioner doesn't count. At present I have five live characters and three on Test. The question is more one of, which do I delete or sell, rather than what should I create next. The new newbie quests are pretty neat; and I may get to a level again where I don't want to go up. But maybe not.

I really think the sinister explanation is the only realistic one. Sony decided that certain people would have more subscriptions, more "enhanced" subscriptions aka station access subscribers, and people would buy more game copies, if they were limited on the number of character slots available. Cold-hearted analysis makes you think that if you have one guy buying multiple accounts for every cancellation, the company earns more money. If station access passes get sold well (and by all appearances, they do sell well), for every cancellation the restriction brings, the company earns more money. As much as I love this game and don't engage in Sony-bashing much, I'm confident this is the reason. And yet, now my experiences are pushing me away from alts.

I can say one thing for sure though – Play a main character guys. Alt-a-holics should stop and concentrate on one character (I'm looking at you Geldon), and go forward with him, to really enjoy the game.



  1. Hi, I’d like to say thanks for linking my blog on your site. Much appreciated!

    As for alts and mains – well I come from City of Heroes, where I could technically have 80 characters (8 char slot per server, total of 10 servers), but I could only manage 4 or so, and only 1 was level 50 (level cap in CoH).

    In EQ2, I have 5 characters. 1 is currently level 64 (my main), the 2nd one is 54 (my main alt). The rest are just to blow off steam when I get bored fighting as a monk/fury etc. Just something to give me a change of scenery so to speak.

    I believe alts serve a useful purpose – it gives many people a chance to “try something new”, thereby helping to keep their interest in the game alive. I must say that it works too, cos EQ2 is the only MMO I have ever played this long.

  2. Glad to have linked ya. I read through your blog over the weekend, sounds like you’ve had as much fun with the game as I have.

    Mostly I’m thinking that my playstyle (complete all quests) is making the alt creation game obsolete. I love alts, and want to have one character of each class; but since I’ll never be able to, 12 characters is the next best thing.

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