Posted by: mrrx | March 16, 2006


Tlaloc : Ding 37, then 38, provisioner. Much crafting of coffee, blasted samoflanges, and pork sandwiches; which lead to the next tier of crafting including honey fizzlepop, griffin steaks, and green tea.

The honey fizzlepop was an error; should have made honey liqueur. In any event, one stack of griffin meat, and rolled oats to be made into rolled oat malted milk, remain until Tlaloc has exhausted his raws.

I've been absolutely determined that I needed to finish off this crafting first, before any more adventuring happens. Tlaloc's bank was pretty full of raws, plus he needs the ability to work with T5 harvests (Feerrott etc) soon since Tez is adventuring in that area. And without total determination this just wasn't going to happen.

You see, I keep getting BORED. Staring at that crafting table, waiting until the next item gets finished, whacking the create button again, and repeating the process. The whole fun is harvesting the items, planning the thing(s) to be made, looking up what to make, and using the products. The actual crafting has literally got me falling asleep in my chair. This is two nights in a row that I'm asleep before midnight, which is unheard of. At least there's hope – the "no intermediate combine" change which is coming should make this no longer an issue.

Anytime I have real issues falling asleep I should just break out Tlaloc, buy some junk on the broker, and craft. I'll be asleep in 20 minutes.

Tonight, at least, I'll be finished with crafting and can go do something more fun. Except………. Tez needs to get crafting too……….. can I stand the boredom ?


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