Posted by: mrrx | March 15, 2006

Quint and Tombstones

First thing I did after reading this thread – was to create a new character in Qeynos and verify the screenshot. Yes, he does actually say he wants shark fin soup. Yes, I’m completely convinced the reason he says that is this thread and developer humor. Nice touch guys.

Tezcatlipocca : Worked a few more quests. Quint Cerlius the gnome's quests. Needed to kill orcs near the druid rings, according to the quest; was a bit harder than it sounded. It turned out they needed to be Deathfist orcs. That wasn’t the main problem though, the main problem was the groups of fairies kill-stealing the orcs.

I ended up running around the area and tagging any Deathfist that popped as quickly as possible; then leaving the non-deathfist orcs for the fairies to kill. Was a bit difficult since I couldn’t med up to full mana each time, and once I just bashed the creature to death in a very close fight. Still, I lost 4 of the guys I wanted to the rotten fairies so I killed them too a few times for the Fairy Wing quest.

Next quest in this series was to find a bunch of notes pinned to trees. EQ2Maps to the rescue; completed this with no problem. One note was pinned to a stump used in another quest, and was difficult to get. Patience and carefully positioning the mouse pointer prevailed and I got the update and finished off the quest.

Also got invited into a group and finished off Trial #6 for Grozmag. Next step : Emporer Fyst. That will be challenging for sure.

I got another tombstone as well, which gives me four of one type. Next time I’m just going to offer a 1 gold bounty on anyone helping me get the lowest-level tombstones because they are so hard to get. These four quests are irritating me to no end, with the requirement to finish it basically being serendipity. The tome quests are not exactly much better either – no drop “!” harvests. At least they are out of sight on my quest journal, which really is where the tombstones should have been placed too.

One thing I’m going to have to do is Call back home quickly and reset my wholesaler task. You see, I got the current one before I understood what the various harvests actually were, and I’m asked to gather shallots which are one of the rare food items for this tier. Um, no, I’m not giving you guys the shallots when I can provision with them or sell them for 20x more than your reward.

Tlaloc : Ding 36 provisioner. Continued making lots of pinked-out recipes, got to Grilled Octopus which was green, and dinged thereby greying that out. Time to work on Blasted Samoflanges, which first require Tequila and Gin to be made, both just barely XP-giving recipes.

This was a long provisioning session, the first in quite a while, and once I found myself dozing off (3 gins completed) I logged for the night.



  1. Woohoo, thanks for the mention Mr. X and yes I am running a little behind on this as you posted quite a few days ago. Been extremely busy, hehe.

    But I did finally get back to updating, and then blogspot, forbids everyone from enjoying. LOL.

    As for falling asleep as you provision, um yeah, done that way too many times myself. It does get better (I think, haha) Zym finally got to 63 and well, lets just say, no more sub combines make my heart skip a beat =)

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