Posted by: mrrx | March 14, 2006

Karath Smoothmane; and Dead At Keyboard

Tezcatlipocca : 55% XP. Started out by beginning two book quests in the Thundering Steppes. These are, amazingly enough, the last book quests available now in the library in South Qeynos. I had thought, a year ago, that there were more available for higher levels but I guess I was wrong or they've been removed.

One quest required gnolls in the pit, and the other undead wandering the fields, by the Antonica zone-in. Worked on gnolls first, and it was pretty simple to find and take them down; problem was they were ^^ so it required a lot of effort. Got bored with it when diviners came up – I hoped that the ones in Blackburrow would count instead (they don't).

The undead were a lot of fun. There are three sets of ruins with zombies standing around, and Tez cleared them and got the special mobs to spawn – usually a big group of double or triple downs, or sometimes a ^^^ heroic named. It didn't matter that many weren't needed for the quest, it was just fun to destroy the mobs so quickly and thoroughly, and these were all one down arrow mobs.

Eventually I needed to get drowned footsoldiers to spawn, and made the attempt. They spawn in the dead river and I had a lot of undead to clear; but only managed to get one to spawn, and ran across a second one while traveling. That will just have to be done catch-as-catch can, it was too boring and difficult. All in all, though, the book quests are both half done or more which is good news. Tried to get more crypt tempests in Crypt of Betrayal too but they weren't there.

So got bored with all of that and headed over to the Feerrott. Have I said that I love the Feerrott ? Yes, probably, but I'll say it again. Music and visuals, mobs that are hard to see, and good memories of EQ1 make it enjoyable.

Now in Feerrott as I write this is a guildy. He's been sitting there since Saturday, the same spot, which makes it four full days. Nobody seems to know who he is exactly, or what the deal is. Now most likely, he got called away from his computer and just left the game running and PC on. That seems pretty weird. I also like the explanation of "Dead At Keyboard", DAK, as oppposed to AFK, "Away From Keyboard". I mean, who does that ? Most people turn the thing off, or at least use it a fair amount necessitating exiting the game. Not this guy. Weird any way you slice it. Perhaps he's slumped back in his chair in his apartment and nobody has noticed an awful smell yet.

Enough gallows humor.

Got a whole bunch of additional quests and explored the entry area thoroughly. Finished off by my writs and probably should get more; but at level 40 I get different writs so we'll see which ones I can get. The XP was really good; killing mostly blues, but groups of 3 double-down blues were really nasty. Finished a couple more quests and noticed how full my journal was getting again, so I decided to move back to Zek.

In Zek I did trial #5 for Grozmag; was doable at level 40, got pretty banged up but survived it. Worked several other quests and found one more of those irritating tombstones before logging off.

Tlaloc also continued with grey recipes. He's got so much stuff to make; I probably ought to just get it out of the way. Maybe tonight.


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