Posted by: mrrx | March 13, 2006

Quests again

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 40, 5% XP. This was another quest cleanup weekend for the most part. Got ten treants for Jonovan, and should be able to get another dozen versions from him. Progressed the series with the Dark Elves until I got to Master Szin. Got quite a ways with Green Hoods, and several other quests in Zek.

At one point I got sucked into a raid party to go after Deathfist Citadel and get Emporer Fyst. It was very dysfunctional but that was OK – I went for the experience. You can sneak in through the sewers, and you apparently need to kill every named creature inside to get the Emporer to spawn. We tried, but wiped as we tried to get into the Citadel – Sewers were a success, the courtyard was a success, but climbing the ladders and taking care of the guards on the ramparts was a quick death for us all.

Finished up with Kleron too. Good riddance. One step required me to kill dockhands, who are semi-rare pops that require you to keep the camps cleared on the beach of Nek. What a long and big hassle that was; at least I got a lot of guild status goodies from the body loot.

Dinged 40 in the last minutes of the weekend, and visited Desert of Flames for the first time. The big thing I found was, it is WAAAAYYYY too hard for me right now. I see guildys there all the time at level 43, but at 40 it clearly is still too hard by half. We got killed once wandering around Maj Dul, and after that the group broke up. I ran out to Thundering Steppes to get ready to work more book quests and logged off.


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