Posted by: mrrx | March 10, 2006

Heritage quests

Heritage Quests – Next Steps :

Strange Black Rock – Speak Barbarian; get two books in ROV; Complete Where Will This Lead Me ? quest.

Axe From the Past – Octogorgon. Duoable.
Stilletto – Get the Hand.
Both quests – Need to complete Prison Break first in RoV.

Dragoon K'naae – Kill T'Sanne. Might be duoable.

Foomby's Stolen Goods – Kill Darkflight Fairies.

Ghoulbane – Kill Torig in Cauldron Hollow; part of an event requiring killing 34 epic X 4 mobs. Huge deal. Also kill Creator in RoV; 33^^ with chanter friends that cast a silence. Sounds like a group required for this one.

Lavastorm – Kill lots of goblins in Lavastorm.

Green Hoods – Kill Gruk Strongarm, 35^^^.

Shiny Brass Shield – Level to 40.

And Hadden's Earring, which means kill Everling, which means wait until after Ghoulbane gets to that point.

Scarecrow King – 27 Epic x2. Probably need one group. Not a heritage, but still a tough one to finish.


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