Posted by: mrrx | March 10, 2006

Difficulty in Zek

Tezcatlipocca : 55% XP. Completed a quest or two in Zek. There was a lot of running around for the Bogstrutter quest, and killing several hatchetmen etc. And after that, most of my quests are too difficult. All require either a group or more levels under my belt – killing heroic mobs, heroic groups, or passing by said heroic groups. Don't want to continue with Grozmag until I hit 40 either. So I cleaned up the waste grawlers (aka, bears) for another writ completion, and took a closer look at the tombstones.

I have three tombstone quests now. Each of these requires you to find five tombstones. Sounds pretty simple, right ? The catch is the tombstones are a *spawn*, and not a static object in the world. I managed to find one, and when you right-click it it will say "pick object up". After you pick it up it disappears. And I need to find five of these in the northwest forest area, and five in the southwest battlefield. Far from being an easy quest, this looks to be almost as hard as gaining levels to complete quests.

Add to this the seemingly innumberable book quests, which are completed via either static page locations or by picking up !'s, and which are futhermore no-trade, and I'm likely to need a lot more time in Zek. The whole thing seemed more like work than fun so I logged intending to get my Feerrott writs next session.


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