Posted by: mrrx | March 9, 2006

The Journey is Finally Over

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 39, 40% XP. After realizing that my previous attempt at doing the Journey is Half the Fun quest (aka Jboots) was stopped since I didn't know the Zek zone and got everyone killed; and that I now know the zone, as well as Enchanted Lands; I decided to finish off the quest.

There is an excellent guide to the quest which helped me immensely the first time I tried it. So I dug up this website again and studied the Zek route. The only part that looked difficult was the Deathfist Citadel part – especially as I hadn't been there before. But the thing that was problematic was the mines.

Almost at the end you need to take the elevator in Zek down, to the bottom of the mines, and back up again. No problem, unless aggro mobs are there trying to kill you. Three blue ^ Tallon Mechanics were standing right at the entrance to the mine and they bashed me to smithereens. So I had to hang around the area for a while, and got a duo partner; we promptly sent them to Orcish Hell. I immediately took off to try the route again, and succeeded. The mobs didn't respawn in the 20 minutes or so it took me to get back. The notes in the guide were excellent and that was really all I needed, along with knowledge of the zone.

Next stop – Enchanted Lands. I walked across the zone to scout the route again and it looked incredibly easy. Very little aggro, no bottlenecks, and with the evac trick it looked to be doable easily. Recruited a guildy ranger and finished it off, first time. Not the tiniest hitch. I probably could have done it even without the evac.

And next came the Feerrott. I thought, bah, this can't be a big deal. Plus I simply wanted to adventure in the Feerrott. My EQ1 character Hammerbreaker cut his teeth in that zone and so the idea is partly sentimental, plus I enjoy the jungle looking zones. So I decided to try it.

First handicap -I have never been to the zone. I studied the map, closely, and hoped that would be enough to get me through the zone. And on everyone's advice as well as that of the guide writer, I blew 5 gold on an invisibility totem. Didn't matter – got killed near the old druid ring. It turns out that most of the creatures in the Feerrott could see right through my invisibility. So much for wasting money on that.

I ended up dying a total of nine times, but ultimately finished with all my gear at 10%.

Two deaths were due to being lost. The worst idea I had, was to try and do the run without completely scouting the route first. Unfortunately, I died twice before I really got it and just walked the route. Second worst idea was buying that invisibilty totem but at least I can sell that.

Four deaths were due to the difficulty of approaching the Alliez Tae outpost. The guide doesn't really describe the difficulty well. The outpost is a circular area bordered by a roughly straight north/south river. There are extremely large groups of aggro spiders in the middle and to the south of that river. There is one group on the extreme northern portion along with a mountain that limits access.

But it turns out there is a very small corridor you can approach the outpost on which has a single aggro plant to deal with. Come off the bluff and cross the river. Move northward and get on the opposite side of the tree which you will see close to the river. You should see the plant and the outpost in the distance. Everything saw through my invisibility; and there was no way to just run in and run like hell out. Four deaths due to that craziness.

Also died once approaching the Alliez temple. Bad luck – got stunned or rooted and wailed on by many nasties. Also died twice because of the awful, horrible, nasty, vicious, cruel and inhumane respawn point.

If you die near the Alliez Tae outpost you are respawned near the temple of Cazic Thule. This is in the end of a box canyon that is reached by traveling along a river. What a cruel joke to play on the player ! I died once figuring out I was actually in a box canyon; and a second time trying to escape it. To survive you must hug the canyon walls, travel completely around the temple, and start down the river. You can't just go the direct route, and go south to the river, due to the "invisible wall" (aka boundary of the zone) and aggro mobs. Once on the river, you have to follow it to a couple of boulders and swim through it to emerge southwest of the outpost, dodging aggro mobs that may show up along the river. The cost of figuring out the aggro mobs was another death. I called back to Qeynos on one trip, and eventually made it out alive and figured out how its done. Ugh.

Summary on the Feerrott run is this : It's very doable at 38. Scout the entire route in game first, and read the guide. Follow the route and all the guide writers suggestions, but be more careful around the outpost and look for a safe corridor to approach it in. Everything after the Alliez Tae outpost is cake; follow canyon walls and you've got it made.

The Feerrott as a zone is awesome. It's colorful and wild looking. The music makes me think of headhunters in an African jungle; very appropriate. And I was pleased to see that Tez is of an appropriate level to fight there so I just may have him do that. There are a whole bunch of quests he can reach now that I know he can move around safely there.

After finishing the race, I talked to Chon and completed the quest. Ding 39, wiping out all my debt, along with a whole bunch of XP and guild status points. The quest is well worth doing, even though I can't wear the boots yet. For all the complaining that might come across in the post – it was A WHOLE LOT OF FUN to do this. My heart was pounding, I was on the edge of my seat, and I wanted to cheer at the end despite the late hour and sleeping family.

Traveled out to Zek intending to finish off my writ and logged off. I want to finish the one I have, get two new ones for the Feerrott, and go back.


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