Posted by: mrrx | March 7, 2006

Lost Legend of Lavastorm

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 38, 15% XP. This was writ night. Started out the night duoing with a guildy berserker, and together we passed the gate and exited the Mystical Forest in Zek. Past another gate was an orcish mining operation, and there stood four gorge huntresses. Camped them for half an hour and killed em. Just four would spawn, blue to 37, in a group, and they were a *tough* but fun fight for the two of us. Definitely not the best writ around for the level though.

That honor belongs to "Muzzling " such-and-so, which requires you to kill waste growlers. These are bears which con white at 38, either double-down or down arrow, and come in either singles, duos, or trios. They are very doable, and if you run out of targets lots of orcs and deer around to take out too, along with harvests and what looks like a bunch of quest items (crystals) laying around on the ground. I had help – two guildys and I did this and it took almost no time for the killing, maybe 20 mins travel time.

I'm thinking I'm going to repeat this writ as many times as possible. Now that I know what's on the other side, I can just run past the gate and lose the sentries. From there, the bears will be soloable at least some of the time. Slow, but doable. With help, quick.

We also took out an orc in the lumberyard to update my Feerott access quest, then headed over to Lavastorm. Wow. That is an awesome looking zone. I suspect I haven't seen the half of it either. Red skies and everything done in a heavy red tint. The water looks like lava, but in fact acts just like water – I took a quick step in it and didn't get hurt. Started the Lost Legend of Lavastorm quest, but got no updates. We tried to get into this cave right off the docks to take out mobs for our tank, but couldn't do it; and after our ranger went linkdead the tank mentored me for a half hour killing trash mobs on the lava beach. Have to try and help him out next time.

What I really want to do, though, is take on the Scarecrow King in Antonica and finish off that quest. Should be fairly easy at this point to do, with a group or maybe even less.


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