Posted by: mrrx | March 6, 2006

Hunting Orcs

Tezcatlipocca : 60% XP. Tez started out in the Crypt of Betrayal and finished up three different books at long last. One book is stuck at requiring Crypt Tempests which were not up while he was there, so I figure he’ll come back. Also finished up Maglus potion quests by entering the Bug Queens Crypt. That would have been really fun at a level-appropriate time, but oh well. Four really big lieutenant-type ^^ and ^^^ bugs, and killing them spawned a queen, a ^^^ toughie. Did not work on the two agonized essence quests; thought I was going to but my duo partner and I couldn’t hook up at the right time.

So next moved on to Thundering Steppes and finally got the pirates for Spars & Sails; as well as finishing up the Scouting Report. Wave after wave of centaurs came and attacked the village, and I took out most of them along with some help from random people standing around in the area. Crawled the dead river and got the crabs needed for Selwynn’s final quest; got some of the knights and giants needed too. Tried to work on Mighty Griffins (need 12) but none were up and a group trying to spawn Bloodtalon was hanging out there. Well, another day.

Finally moved on to Zek and explored a bit more. Now I’m starting to understand the zone. Did a lot of running around and got several quests finished. I entered the Tallon Hoarding Halls which I’ll have to do again because that was fun. It was strange – the entrance disappeared the second time I wanted to go in. I think you need to kill the two guards and go STRAIGHT in or it poofs, although I don’t get why it would be set up like that.

Managed to collect quite a few exploration quests; both Bogstrutter and Bootstrutter, and Irene Cellus. Along with gravestone hunting quests, which are pretty hard; I couldn’t find a single gravestone and the EQMaps markings aren’t accurate. Maybe the stones move around randomly. Most to all of the exploration is done, although I don’t have a good handle on how I did most of it which is a shame; these quests are good learning opportunities.

The Mystical Forest is a bottleneck to exploring further in the zone, and finishing up my Zek writ. There are some high walls, like a fortress in a canyon, guarded by tough blue con orcs and with wandering treant groups who would pound me into the dust. Speaking of treants, killed a few more and still got no body loot, nor L&L update. I’m getting a bit worried about completing that quest. In any event, I clearly need to level up to about 40 before I can cross that gate; or go through with a group.

I think I should try and get more Zek writs if its possible, as I won’t be able to get them once I can finally work the gorge huntresses. The Gorgers are well past the Mystical Forest.

Stupid writs. By the time you can do them solo, you outlevel them; and this means you can never get writs which are doable at your level. That is, when you are finally at the level to solo the things, the NPC will not talk to you and sends you to a higher-level NPC with writs for another, tougher zone to start the cycle over again. And if you’ve never explored the zone, you don’t know which ones to take or not; rarely if ever have I gotten a writ that I could actually do right away. Hope to get back to Qeynos soon for that, plus my bags are getting pretty full.

Now within the top 700 questers. Keeping up with my guildy in total quests, but not passing him anytime soon it appears.

We had a guild meeting over the weekend, and after a lively discussion on how to promote, it got hammered out and should be posted on the website soon. Man, though, it took forever. We were talking for so many hours I thought we were on Cspan or something. I hope we can stay focused as a group that helps one another; I didn’t hook up with anyone over the weekend at all. In the mayfly-world of guild politics that can be a long time.


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