Posted by: mrrx | March 2, 2006

Mad XP in the Caves

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 37, 5% or so XP. Started the night off making alchemist refines to grind and check for discoveries. After going thoroughly through one item's set of refines, I think everything has already been discovered. It's not like Shadowhaven where hardly anybody crafted or was there; someone else already had my idea. Well, no big deal.

Next I hit up the broker and finished Skeleton, Zombie, and Goblin L&L quests. Skeleton & Zombie parts were cheap, while the Goblin ones were a few silver each. Now I know to save those things and sell them. The rest of my L&L quests were either not auto-update finished, or the parts were too expensive. Any extra Shadowman parts I get are going straight to the broker – ka ching !

Decided to finish up the new Qeynos newbie quests, so headed over to the Caves and did them. I got a real laugh out of levelling up there. Looks a bit out of place among the other zones I'm levelling in lately doesn't it ?

Next headed over to Stormhold and progressed more quests. Accepted that I would die, found Valinayle's remains and got killed, but updated the quest. Selwynn's Errands part III is finished; too bad I won't wear the reward. I'm ready to head down to the fourth level of Stormhold for Quartermaster Berlon's next quest. I need to take out some undead as well, but I'm not worrying about that until more of the other ones are finished. To say nothing of killing Lord Chesguard. Ahh, maybe that will wait another ten levels thank you.

Went into Vermin's Snye and got my infected rat; just need to find the burrower. Also was able for the first time to wander around in the Crypt of Betrayal. I got the same sense I did of exploring the Vermin's Snye; an old crypt that seems really dangerous, which is I'm sure what's intended. Progressed most of my ancient book quests for the first time in six months or more. Also picked up a few new quests, and discovered that not everything is greyed out thus requiring me to stay on my toes. Agonized Essences, heroic ^^^ mobs in large groups, are ready to pound me into the ground if I try to go deeper inside the crypt.

Took down several restless corpses and logged out in front of their empty spots. I'll have to find my books and read them to move those quests along. Now in the top 850 of questers.


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