Posted by: mrrx | February 28, 2006

Fruit Bats and Owl Feathers

Tezcatlipocca : 84% XP. Worked a few quests in Zek of the exploration type, as well as harvesting for the Far Seas company, then headed off to Nektulos.

First I took care of owlbears and bats. The Owlbear quest wasn’t so hard – kill 20 owlbears. The fights were a bit tough, but the progress was easy to see, and was enjoyable. I even got hurt taking on the hardest group of the little punks, they took me down to 50% health. Not bad for four pinked-out creatures.

The bats were a huge and irritating timesink. No XP for these bad boys, combined with not finding a lot of them for quite some time, and also combined with a very rare quest update created quick frustration. Eventually I happened upon a group of them near the broken bridge, and took them all out to get the update. It still took a long time – I estimate I had to kill 10 bats for each update, and the quest required me to gather 5 bat fruits. After I finished, I got my tasty reward – 5 level 10 pies. Gee thanks.

Got another quest from Kleron and took down 18 bears for him, and spent the rest of the night hunting cackling cadavers for K’naae and Zombie L&L. I took out quite a few zombies, and got another 15 or so updates for K’naae. I got no updates for the zombie quest. I sure hope they count, because I would have expected to get some piece of zombie body loot or a spirit or whatever update.

Very little XP – pretty much all I hunted this night was pinked-out creatures. 401 quests; top 900 questers.

Tlaloc spent some time crafting food; making grey recipes for Fizzlepop drinks. They’re easy to make, but that makes them boring. Hit combine, and 98% likelihood that the result will come out pristine. Managed to make a bunch before I got tired of it and logged.


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