Posted by: mrrx | February 27, 2006

EQ2 Maniac

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 36 – that’s right, 36 – with 60% XP. Two fortunate coincidences over the weekend (Family away, and Bonus XP) turned me into an Everquest playing fool. I decided to earn as much XP as I could manage and I pretty much achieved that goal.

Spent some time in Stormhold to start out, as that’s where Tez had camped, and found a group helping a guy do his AQ3 quest. I finished up a couple of quests and another step in AQ3, and *almost* got done with the key to the Tomb of Valor. We just couldn’t get to the end; Sir Valinayle’s remains were right there at the end of the hallway but the mobs were too tough. So we just went in anyway as a groupmate had his key.

The Tomb of Valor was pretty interesting. There are a bunch of sacrophagi that you have to close and open in order to get the event going. We just managed to survive the starting process, when we spawned Lord Chesguard and his minions. There was just no way – with no rest whatsoever, and us all at 10% power and damaged, we zoned out immediately. But the important thing – Ghoulbane – I grabbed without incident, and am ready to take on the three tough undead as the next step.

Spent some time getting Lore & Legend books next. Considering that they’re all possible for him to get, I felt this detour made sense rather than being stupidly single-minded. Got some updates, but the farthest along is skeletons; hopefully I can just buy the final piece. Still not a single update for treants.

Next came exploration in the Enchanted Lands. That place is really neat looking – green hills, deer, hobbits and fairies. Of course, it’s more or less set up for the evils to come in there and wreak havoc. I got a whole bunch of quests and even managed to nearly fill up my quest journal. New goal for the week – finish existing quests. Last thing I want to do is have no room in the book. Maybe I should leave 6-8 slots open as a reserve.

Beware the Muck Fin in Enchanted Lands; unlike the other fish I’ve encountered this one still knows how to fly. As in, I aggro a group of them while walking through the river – run out of the river in hopes of breaking the encounter. And it doesn’t break. Not only that, but the fish chase me until I’m dead. They get me later, and again chase me, but I just barely make it to the docks and zone out to survive. Sheesh that’s ridiculous. First, the encounter should break. Second, the fish *never* stopped chasing me. And yet I forgot to bug it.

Finished off many quests in Enchanted Lands, and also visited Rivervale. Looks tough – just took a peek and left. But it’s even more beautiful and hobbit-like there. Got a group in Runnyeye, and the XP flowed really well until the tank insisted on going in way too deep and taking on really nasty mobs. We wiped. It didn’t help that our wizard was badly played. My two guildys and I quietly left the group and snuck out.

Also went in for hours with a guild group working another heritage quest – Training is a shield. I made it to the fifth trial, which is a solo step, and with three yellow-con baddies I failed the trial. I figure I’ll wait until I get more levels or spell upgrades and try again. We stood outside the door to Grozmag’s trial for probably 3 hours, getting different people through the trials but never making it to the sixth trial. Zek is a neat place, blasted and ugly, filled with Orcs that a goodie like Tez can’t argue with taking out. My orc count went way up in those mines.

Ultimately I had to run out, and continued working quests in both Enchanted Lands and Zek. I finished Part 1 of the Cauldron Hollow quest and a couple others in both Nektulos and Thundering Steppes. The devs, bless them, fixed the Woe of the Travelers quest which I promptly finished pulling two big groups of 3-down giants. I got Harold Winemaster his wine bottle. Failed to find any weald wolves which is expected, but surprisingly could not find the pirates needed for Spars and Sails. I thought I could probably take them solo by now. Final action of the weekend was in Zek, employing a novel tactic.

One set of quests is with a troll cooking food near the pier, and he wants you to get several crates in the water. The difficulty is the kelp horrors – root type monsters – that are all over the place. After overpulling them I ran out of the water and that didn’t break the encounter. But the three guards on the dock were more than happy to take them down. Seeing this, I made a big train and pulled them all out of the water and let the guards fight them; then took a leisurely underwater stroll and picked up all the boxes. That was cool!

398 quests completed; I’m gaining ground on being the top quester in the guild. Sway of Honor is a great guild – I’ve not met such good & helpful people before, makes me volunteer to help people every time. I’m not yet in the top 1000 serverwide for questers though.

What next ? Well without bonus XP it’s time to finish off quests. I’m thinking to head back to Nektulos and knock out a bunch of those quests (Zombie L&L, Dragoon K’naee, Kleron, Cauldron Hollow, maybe others) and see where that leads. Or have Tlaloc finish more cooking. Thanks much Sony for the bonus XP. I haven’t had that much fun for quite a while.


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