Posted by: mrrx | February 24, 2006

Heritage Quests

My research on Heritage quests has been interesting. I have completed the Dwarven Work Boots quest; but not any of the others.

Here is a post about the most efficient way to finish off the early heritage quests. Quite good and detailed. But there's some other info to impart in addition.

Three of these heritage quests require you to kill Lord Everliving. Getting to him is, by all reports, an exercise in frustration and usually as enjoyable as having teeth pulled without anesthesia. SOE attempted to make things easier but didn't succeed. Why is it so frustrating ?

There's a quest called the Everliving Lockets which you have to complete to get access to the area where Everliving is. But completing it, does not actually give you permanent access, only access for the time that you completed it and stay in the castle. Or something like that. Because the Locket quest is so long and involved, you want to give yourself plenty of time to do it and for God's sake be ready to kill Everliving on every quest possible.

I'm ready for Everliving on Hadden's Earring. I have a long way to go on Ghoulbane. And you also need him for the Missing Mask, but you can't even start that one until you enter the castle. So I need to set it up; be ready for Ghoulbane and give myself enough time to finish all the steps necessary.

Now to warn my guildys. I hope I'm not too late – one guy was in Nek Castle last night.


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