Posted by: mrrx | February 23, 2006

Naive Blogger

So here I am trying to link up anyone who runs an Everquest 2 blog, or site; and I do a search with Blogger’s search feature and discover that template links are not recognized by the thing. So I thought I’d make a quick post about each of the sites I’ve got linked currently on my sidebar.

Aggro Me is an engaging and well-written newsite describing what’s going on in the world of Everquest 2 and related areas; I read him every day. Friday humor posts spice things up a bit.

The EQ2 forums run by Sony are an indispensible information source. And the best place to check what the patch-of-the day was is here.

Allakhazam was the premier EQ 1 website and they run one as well for EQ 2 ; The Crystal Keep has excellent info on Provisioner recipes; and other places to check out about game info include EQ2 Alchemy, EQ2 Center, EQ2 Maps – which you absolutely must install by the way – and the Character of the Day which is fun to check out.

Fellow EQ2 bloggers include Steph at EQ Adventures; Quylein at Quylein the mage‘s site; Anskiere and others at The Three Wizards, and Toldain at Toldain Talks, who oddly enough given his blogname never replies to my comments :p .

Rounding out the linkage is EQ2 Test, a forum just for the Test server community; O gaming where you can get almost all your walkthroughs and quest info; WTF Comics which is an EQ1 webcomic; and a couple of perhaps controversial links.

As a reminder not to get too sucked in to virtual worlds I link up EQ Daily Grind, which more or less bashes the hell out of us MMOG players. The main point though, to not let your virtual life become predominant, is important and one I don’t want anyone to forget including me. And I am a Station Exchange player and lukewarm supporter. I got in because I liked the idea of ending my game career someday and selling stuff. I’ve yet to sell a single thing, and given the falling price of plat I probably never will. Shrug. Nothing sees more heated commentary than the Station Exchange, the majority of it bad, but here’s the kicker – you can read this blog and decide for yourself just how bad the effect is on my gaming.

I’ve also got a few dead sites on the sidebar but doubt they really care about being linked up. So there you go Google – index this.


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