Posted by: mrrx | February 10, 2006

Catching up

Tezcatlipocca is now level 31, and exactly 50% towards 32. He's in a bit of a slow place. Thundering steppes, filled with green creatures and featuring very few blue ones, is the safe place for him to adventure. He's completed most of the soloable quests; having joined a guild last night I plan to ask for help completing the grouped ones, such as Tarby Boulderboom and the freaking Zek passage quest. After 32 it's off to more interesting things in Zek and Enchanted Lands so I just have to force my way through it.

Tlaloc is much happier given the new announced policy on the server name transfers. Whoever has the most played time during the previous 60 days will get to keep the original name. I'm confident that he'll beat out Mr. 8th-level on the Bazaar server.

Tlaloc has rocketed up to level 35 as a provisioner thanks to Tez's gathering activities and donations of food. He burned up all of his vitality right at level 35 and has been inactive adventuring, remaining at level 21. I put most of the pinked-out recipe raws for sale on the market, planning to use them to make stuff if they don't sell and my interest remains high. Forty more Octopus Pasta and he can feel free to go adventuring again, or make pinked-out food.

Test server characters are also active. Hatereaper dinged 25 last night and is higher than that as a provisioner. Mostly though I want him to level up and expect to make his fortune via loot rather than going Tez's route of gather-and-sell. Things don't sell well on the Test server. Slowblade is planned as a box-maker; he is an Ogre Assassin who played through the new newbie area and enjoyed it.


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