Posted by: mrrx | January 31, 2006

Coming back to… Server merges ! Argh !

Having played Civilization IV for two months, I decided I needed a little bit of variety and resubscribed to EQ2. Obviously something's good about this game; I keep coming back to it don't I ?

I had a lot of fun coming up with unusual, creative, and themed names. Each of my characters has an Aztec-themed name. Now I'm going to lose two of them when Shadowhaven and Bazaar merge.

I'm irritated and sad. I just hope I can use this /rename to pick good new names.

Tlaloc, a 21/28 monk/prov will lose his name to a 8/4 fighter, who likely is a non-played character.

Ehecatl, a 12/11 wiz/sage will lose out to a 53rd level guild leader. I will rename him Eheccatl which is acceptable.

Really, I wish it would go by the total number of levels, where my Tlaloc would win, but my Ehecatl would lose out. I can't think of a good spelling variant for Tlaloc either.

Tlalocc – Too obvious. Tllaloc – That sucks. Talaloc – Changes it too much. Tlalloc – That sucks too. Ttlaloc – Bleh. Tlalocx – Ewwww. Talloak – So much for the theme.

There's no good choices there. Maybe my guy will win out anyway. Here's hoping.


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