Posted by: mrrx | October 4, 2005


Chalchitlicue : Ding 8 for adventurer, 7 in tradeskills. Short session tonight. Fought deer in Oakmyst; it’s amusing to stand in front of that big doe-eyed face and then whack it with your mace. Also fought glowmyst beetles and spiders, which were both pretty tough. Took out corrupted dryads when possible, as they were much easier to deal with than any others.

And eventually inventory filled up. Ran off and decided to see how empty I could get my inventory from a visit to the wholesaler. Made a whole bunch of food, not all of it delectable, which means it won’t go to my food storage.

At level 3 and with full vitality, one white recipe (baked frog legs) gave me 50% XP. Heck, why even have levels like that? At 7 it’s a more normal 2% or so, destined to go down towards 1% in the teens. She’s probably one-third of the way there in terms of combines needed to get to 10.


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