Posted by: mrrx | October 3, 2005

Newbs No More

Camaxtli : Ding 11. Workshopped his way up to level 10 and outfitter status also.

Made some items that were just junk for levels, but mostly had him try out the various weapon recipes. Got some yellow ones and quick XP from them. Even made one which he started using, for a while anyway. Then moved on to fighting again.

I'm surprised, still : it's fun being a rogue. I stealth myself then sneak up behind the monster; give it a stealthed attack. Next, I Cheap Shot it which is some kind of a stun, circle quickly behind it and then mash it with a backstab. If necessary I finish up with my high-damage melee attack, and complete any HO's that come along as well. He's also happy to have two razor-sharp shivs equipped now that he passed level 10.

The subclass quest was fun too. You have to sneak through a warehouse full of guards and grab an item sitting in a chest. The most important trick being, you have to sneak and also WALK past all the guards. Shift-R toggles run or walk by the way. I got killed once, retreated two more times, and on the fourth try I got the note and then got my subclass.

Headed out to Antonica, killed a bunch of mites and rats, finished up the Tie that Binds quest, and logged out after dinging.

Chalchitlicue : My future templar dinged 7. Finished citizenship and started collecting tradeskill items inside of Oakmyst. My last newb is off the Isle at last.

I had toyed with the idea of leaving her on the isle and working my other characters, but it was just frustrating me to not get her started.

Huehueteotl : About 60% TS XP, closing in on level 19. Refined the last of his T2 pelts in an amazingly long and boring process; I read a book while doing it. Then he created an additional 10 tanned leather backpacks which I passed out to alts.

Between Hue making packs, and purchasing teak boxes, every alt has 8-slot or better bags, and an 8-slot or better container in their bank. Teak boxes are much more reasonable now that the highest level box possible is sandalwood or cedar. But this also means that Hue is done making backpacks.

Now the question for him is……. what's next ? Perhaps he could make more of those tailored robes, yellow recipes. Perhaps; but they don't sell very well, and I'm not too surprised given the other people's prices for them. I'm cheaper than anybody, feel like I'm asking too much, and then I find out that the robe doesn't sell that quick anyway. Or I could just make a bunch for the XP.

Failed on the goal-level for last week. This week :

Huehueteotl to level 20 and tailor.
Chalchitlicue to level 10/10.

That should be doable.


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