Posted by: mrrx | September 29, 2005

Broad Tradeskills

Ehecatl : Ding 10 scholar. Had him run to a bank and try on his new gear. It worked well; cleared out a couple other things from the clogged shared bank as well. He still needs most of his jewelry and bangles and such. Then I figured I'd get him going on the path to a sage.

Courtesy of his full load of 8-slot bags, he'd managed to pick up a whole bunch of weird stuff. So I had him make all of it into various things, some just for vendor sale, and some for the food bank like frog legs and turtle steaks. Got some practice on making spell scrolls, and he barely upgraded most of his skills to App II. Made an App III Lightning Shock, his main nuke.

Not sure why he wasn't able to make any App IV's. I tried the gamut of recipes, from very green to white, and got the same result for all of them. He didn't get many skillups either. But at least the beginning levels are finished; the more levels he gets the more likely he can craft *something* at the highest level.

Started to make a second batch of components for spells when I logged off. Spell scrolls follow this pattern :

  • Inks; long chain of precursors
  • Paper, a single combine
  • Quills, 2-step combine using Fletching

Worked my way through most of the ink and then logged.

It's interesting – my latest sessions are showing that you can have a lot of fun by simply crafting. Given enough character slots, you can craft anything in the game for yourself (9). And I know pretty well what I need to enjoy the game, and thus have been crafting in that order – tailor for bags, provisioner for food, sage for spells. And it's very enjoyable.

So once again, I have to ask – what are they smoking, by limiting our character slots? The number of characters possible should be very high; something like allowing you to try each class available in the game. Instead, they make the strangely lame decision to allow only 6. It's only 6, in my opinion, because we players quit in droves; if we hadn't it would only be 4.

I understand that originally they wanted interdependency, which would require you not to allow too many crafters on an account. They gave up on that idea with the cross-class books. So why are the number of slots limited again?


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